An Astrologer Once Told Me I Would Never Own A Horse – Part III

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My certification program with Touched By A Horse® lasted two incredible years and changed my life. When I witnessed the true nature of horses and saw how willingly they shared their gifts as energy healers, I chose to stand by their side and partner with them in this powerful, equine gestalt coaching work. I saw the transformations in others and I allowed and accepted transformation in myself.
Those two years were an integral part of my spiritual journey where, through doing my personal work and constantly tapping deeper and deeper into my intuition, I re-connected with the unique inner gift that helps me in my coaching work today. My gift is that I am able to feel my clients’ energy shifts and releases in my own body, which allows me to guide them to the deepest possible experience that will bring the most benefit to them in the moment. Every time I feel such a somatic response, my equine partner is there to confirm – we are feeling the same thing, and we are a team in this work. What a powerful experience, to watch a client’s energy shift as they work with the horses, and to see their life transform as a result! Every session I cannot wait to watch my equine partners’ work.
Today, I am surrounded by horses – they are physically at the ranch, as pictures around me in the office, as visions in my mind. I watch them, I feel them, I listen carefully and stay open to hearing the wisdom they choose to share. I know I will continue learning from horses as their teachings continue to play a huge part in my life and my spiritual journey.
Despite what that astrologer said several years ago, today I do have horses in my life. I followed my calling and, as a result, have an incredible relationship with them that many do not: as my partners. Together, horses and I help humans to uncover their inner gifts – just like horses helped me to uncover mine.