Meet the Alo Horses:

Alo Horses™ invites you to meet our equine guides to enhance your spiritual, mental, and physical well being through their powerful, intuitive guidance. Alo Horses™ is a safe, accepting environment where humans partner with horses to achieve harmony and inner peace through deep spiritual connection.



King is a registered quarter horse. He chose to join our team in early 2014. And the way he did it was exceptional. That day we took a trailer and went to pick up a gelding we planned on buying. King was in the pasture next to that gelding. While waiting on the owner with papers, King appeared from his pasture and showed himself as a very strong spiritual being. His spirit was so strong: I could recognize a spiritual symbol drawn in the sand in front of him. The gelding we came to pick up ended up being not a good match for us. We had the trailer. King confidently loaded into it. He has been having a blast with us since then – going on the beach rides, showing his interest in the healing work and becoming our first Equine Healer.



Violet is a registered quarter horse mare. She came to us in December 2013. Her previous owner shared that Violet was not easy to catch. There was no problem catching her that day, but once she arrived to her new home, her sensitivity to noises and approaching humans clearly showed up. I felt this sensitivity could be an exceptional gift Violet had. I spent hours simply being with her, brushing and talking with her, giving Reiki energy helping her to release the energy that didn’t serve her anymore. Little by little, she gained her trust back and became who she really was: a very confident beautiful mare. She now loves humans. She loves when people are connected to their heart and speak their truth.



Bella is a young quarter horse mare. Her gentleness is disarming. She has shown herself as a quick learner and her energetic presence have increased enormously since she came to us a few months ago. She absolutely loves interaction with people and is discovering her healing skills.