“I am blessed to have animals in my life. They help me stay authentic and feel my true emotions, whether it is joy or grief. I feel expanded and giving when around animals.” –Anna

About Anna

Anna Mott is a Gestalt Practitioner, Reiki Master and the proud owner of Alo Horses™. Her deep-rooted connection with horses traces back to her first riding experience at age 15 when she discovered what true happiness felt like. The connection and excitement she felt was unforgettable and marked the first of many times she felt intuitively drawn to horses, as if they were calling to her on a deeper level.

Anna Mott

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

While Anna went on to pursue a successful corporate career in the U.S. for nearly two decades, that calling only grew stronger. Years later when she was introduced to Reiki, Anna began a journey of self-discovery and healing, which ultimately allowed her to achieve inner harmony and led her back to horses. During that time, she was able to invest her energies in meditation and self-reflection and ultimately realized that she was not serving her higher purpose in life. As she became more in tune with the intersection of horses, energy and self-healing, Anna began searching for ways to combine horses and energy work. She was thrilled to find and join the Touched By A Horse® Certification Program in 2014, where she discovered her gift for coaching and facilitating the healing power of horses for others.

Anna Mott

Anna began Alo Horses™ in 2014

After realizing the powerful gifts and healing that horses are willing to offer humans, Anna began Alo Horses™ in 2014 to connect horses with humans in search of a more meaningful life. “Alo” literally translates to “spiritual guide” in Native American and reflects the company’s vision of partnering with horses as spiritual guides to assist humans in finding greater inner peace for a harmonious life.

Anna Mott

Anna Today

Today, Anna uses her training with the Touched By A Horse® Certification Program as a Master Gestaltist® and Equine Gestaltist® to help her clients live in the present and connect with their true selves. As a Reiki Master, she also uses her deep understanding of energy and horses to teach others to best support their horses’ well being through energy healing.

Anna Mott

Anna’s Work at Alo Horses™

In her work at Alo Horses™, Anna hopes to help others achieve spiritual harmony, inner peace and connection through the power of horses. She is deeply committed and grateful for the opportunity to serve her true calling to help others achieve peace in harmony with animals and nature.

Anna lives with her family in Northern California.