Reiki for Horses by Anna

Reiki for Horses

What is Reiki?

In Japanese, Reiki translates to “sacred life force energy.” In essence, it is gentle energy healing, which anyone can perform once a Reiki Master attunes them to Reiki. Whether for self-healing or the healing of others, many people apply it for emotional, mental, and spiritual revitalization.

Reiki for Horses

Reiki for Horses

Reiki energy is non-invasive and completely harmless to horses; in fact, they are naturally attracted and receptive to Reiki’s healing power. Energy healing is a wonderful way to speed up the natural healing process and is especially helpful for horses who have experienced physical trauma, such as an accident, injury, or surgery. Reiki’s calming, gentle approach also supports emotional healing and can help to alleviate stress, anxiety, and other emotional challenges for horses.

Reiki Session

Reiki for Horses Courses

As a Reiki Master, Anna is experienced in practicing Reiki and began incorporating it in her work with horses over the past few years. She has seen the wonderful results it can yield on horses when they accept the energy and let it flow to the physical, mental, and emotional areas where healing is needed most.

Anna offers Reiki courses to horse owners who are looking for holistic ways to improve their horse’s well being through gentle energy healing. In Reiki Level 1, participants will have the opportunity to understand and learn about healing hand positions and techniques for balancing equine chakras. Reiki Level 2 takes the Reiki practice to a deeper level and introduces symbols that can be added to the healing practice with horses and for use in distant healing.