Let the Horses guide you…

Alo Horses™ offers Equine Guided Mindfulness sessions to help you find your truest answers to life’s deepest questions. This is not your traditional Equine Assisted Coaching – it is instead a process of self-discovery and healing, guided by the wisdom and intuition of our Equine partners, who have powerful lessons to share with us.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

  • What is my life’s purpose?
  • How can I have a richer, more fulfilling life?
  • What are my unique talents and gifts?
  • How can I connect with my highest self to access my deepest intuition or wisdom?
  • Am I a Divine Being?
  • What is my spiritual path and how can I discover my own spirituality?
  • How can I free myself and heal from a life experience that is holding me back?

Using the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method®, Anna and her Equine guides will take you on a transformational journey to uncover your inner wisdom to help you live a fuller and more authentic life. If you are tired of searching for answers, connection and guidance, join us at Alo Horses™ to experience the deep healing of an Equine Guided Mindfulness experience.

Let Horses Guide You

Mindfulness and Horses

Human beings have had a spiritual connection with horses since the beginning of time. When we recognize the power of horses as spiritual guides, we are able to connect with our highest self and access our deepest inner wisdom.

Being in the energy field of a horse is a powerful experience. They share their energy to calm and ground us, and to bring us fully into our bodies in the present moment. Horses live entirely in the present, deeply aware of the world around them, and their natural mindfulness helps us to raise our own awareness. By staying grounded in the present moment with the horse, we are able to discover and accept our truth.

Horses are naturally drawn to us when our bodies, minds and spirits are in alignment. Equine Guided Mindfulness is a unique experience where the horses participate to help you raise awareness of your emotions, the sensations in your bodies and where you might not be aligned. They will guide you through a process of connection and discovery, helping to release energetic blocks and return balance and harmony to your life.

Mindfulness and Horses

Deep Healing with Horses

A horse’s energy field is powerful and they have the capacity to help heal us on many levels. They are naturally drawn to try and balance out our uneven energy fields. Often, we are unaware of internal, energetic, blocks that were created as a result of an emotional trauma or residual fears left over from a past experience, whether recent or long past. Or we are aware of a block but unable to clear it because we are not addressing the true underlying cause, and are instead focused on something we think is the issue. You may experience this as strong emotional responses to certain circumstances, an inability to resolve long-standing fears or repeating behavioral patterns that do not serve your highest good.

During an Equine Guided Mindfulness Session, we are able to combine the intuition and energetic connection our horses offer with powerful Equine Gestalt Coaching to help you uncover those blocks, release them and redirect the energy along a more positive, affirming path.

If you are having trouble healing from a life experience, let our equine coaches support you. It could transform your life.

Deep Healing with Horses

We Invite You to Join Us

Check our Events to sign-up for one of our Equine Guided experiences. Come meet Anna and her horses, and allow their powerful, intuitive guidance to enhance your spiritual, mental, and physical well being.

~Anna & the Equine Guides

We Invite You to Join Us