Private Coaching Sessions

Individual Equine Gestalt Coaching Sessions

Customized, one-on-one coaching for maximum breakthrough potential!!

Location: Folger Stable in Woodside, CA

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Private Equine Gestalt Coaching

Our individual, 90-minute* sessions provide customized, one-on-one experiences where we can “go deep” and address specific or long-standing beliefs, behavioral patterns and emotional blocks, or simply enrich the self-discovery process to reveal your essential gifts and what your inner self is longing for most.

These sessions allow both the equine and the human coach to give you their undivided attention, and allow a more profound state of mindful awareness and transformation to be achieved. Private sessions are the perfect complement to a group experience, enabling us to expand on themes raised in the group.

* Sessions may run between 90 minutes and two hours.

Come Prepared:

  • Come with an open heart! These can be powerful and transformational experiences.
  • All events and coaching sessions are for adults only (no minors).
  • No prior horse experience is required – we do not ride the horses and all our work with them is conducted from the ground.
  • Ensure you wear close-toed shoes (preferably boots) and dress to accommodate the weather. You are encouraged to bring a hat, sunscreen and a water bottle.

Cancellation and Refund Policy for “Private Coaching Sessions” Experience:

  • Payment is due in full at registration.
  • No refunds.
  • If cancelled at least 48 hours before the session, credit may be applied to a future similar session.
  • To cancel, please call 408-963-9937 and email to
  • No credit for cancellations less than 48 hours before the session.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

“I worked with Anna and a horse named Outlaw in Chaparral Ranch twice in a month’s timeframe. Anna is a very patient, compassionate, trustworthy professional and knows her work very well. During my sessions, Anna helped me to get comfortable with the horse and asked important questions about areas needing healing. Such questions helped me to do deeper soul-searching and find more areas that needed attention. She further guided me to connect to higher self and receive insights/pathways to healing in various areas of personal and professional life and relationships. Horse’s presence was very calm at times, other times joyous and comforting depending on various stages of the sessions. The horse played important role of helping me feel grounded and supported while I was challenged in the session. I would recommend Anna’s sessions with horse to anyone who is open and ready to connect to higher self and experience great healing!”

Medha D. (San Francisco Bay Area)